Be:Fit – Look good and feel great with BanaBay Bananas

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Be:Fit - BanaBay Bananas

BanaBay is a growing brand of Ecuadorian bananas only recently arrived on UK shores which as well as making you look good and feel good is likely to be the tastiest banana you ever tasted.

Identified by fresh produce experts as the ‘possibly best bananas in 20 years’, samples of the ethically produced fruit will be on offer to Be:Fit visitors so they can cast their votes and give a big banana thumbs up.

As well as being put to the ultimate taste test, BanaBay bananas will be proving their worth healthwise by being included in some specially developed smoothie recipes blended by bike!

Known for their vitamin and mineral content and slow release of energy, they have an important role in fuelling the body prior to doing sports or a work out – and they make an excellent recovery snack after exercise too!

Leading nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston has developed a range of life-enhancing banana based smoothie recipes for BanaBay, which will be mixed using pedal power on a smoothie bike on the BanaBay stand at Be:Fit.

Choose from three delicious options:

* Berry Healthy – an antioxidant Banana shake – with forest berries.

* Green Goddess -an alkalizing Banana shake – with algae, seaweed and herbs.

* I Should Cocoa! – an omega 3 Banana shake – with EPA and DHA and chocolate.

Bananas are also beautiful especially for their skin soothing and softening properties so we have put together a leaflet on banana beauty treatments you can try at home.

Discover the health and beauty benefits of BanaBay bananas on stand N83 at Be:Fit,
or visit W: F: /BanaBayLtd T: @BanaBay


For further information:

Mark O’Sullivan, BanaBay Ltd. Tel 0121 392 8750 w:

Megan Dunmore, DDPR. Tel 01384 878777 e:




Journalists attending the Be:Fit press briefing on Friday 28th March at 9.00am will be able to enjoy a specially commissioned smoothie to provide extra zing to get around the exhibition.  Developed by Yvonne Bishop-Weston and containing Dairy Free Flax milk (3Ω6) made with flaxseed oil.

Be:Fit Smoothie

Makes a one pint glass breakfast smoothie or 2 small snack ones

1 250ml cup of 3-Omega-6 Dairy Free Flax Milk

1 BanaBay banana

2 teaspoons of algae (Chlorella or Spirulina)

1 handful of berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries)


Yvonne says “This Be:Fit Smoothie has the great sweet energy of BanaBay bananas, essential omega 3 fats for your brain, antioxidants from the berries to protect your heart and a host of women-vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the algae. Start your day with one of these instead of a latte and Croissant and go get ’em tiger!”