Bananas at sea!

Post 1201 of 1549

Sailors believed bananas were bad luck at sea. The sight of bananas surviving a shipwreck led seafarers to suspect that the bananas had cased the wreck themselves! Nowadays, our shippers love carrying our bananas around the world, a far cry from the feared bananas of yesteryear!

Avast me hearties let me tell ye a tale,

Of a scourge more feared than the mightiest whale!

Feared by sailors and fisherman too

A cargo that’s cursed and frightens the crew

Yellow and curved but brown at the tip

Their presence is called a curse on a ship

From Goa to Wales they’re of one accord

Doomed is a ship with bananas on board!

But wait, you cry! Whence comes this belief?

Not cursed, you insist, but healthy and sweet!

Well look to the ship which has sunk in the night

The crew are all lost, no survivor in sight

Examine the scene as the night turns to day

And see the bananas safe, bobbing away!